Surveys, Public Meetings, and More

Citizen input is crucial to our comprehensive plan because it ensures that the plan reflects the diverse needs, aspirations, and perspectives of Salem’s citizens. By actively involving residents and stakeholders in the planning process, our comprehensive plan will become more inclusive, transparent, and representative of our community's values and priorities. Citizen input fosters community engagement, builds trust in the planning process, and ultimately leads to a more effective and responsive plan that addresses the real concerns and desires of the people it impacts.

There will be additional surveys and public meeting throughout the process which will provide you an opportunity to provide your feedback!  Please check this website for frequent updates.

Community Workshop #1 - December 12 - 6:00pm - Salem Civic Center

Join us for our first Community Workshop which will consist of an introduction to the planning process, along with live polling and small table discussions.  We hope that you will join us to make your voice heard!

Community Workshop #1 - Recap and Results!


Workshop Attendees mingle with City Staff, Planning Commissioners, and City Council Members


Our first Back to Salem's Future - Plan 2045 community workshop began with Glenn Walters of TownStudio conducting a brief introduction into the Comprehensive Plan process.  Attendees learned about a Comprehensive Plan's scope and primary objectives, the importance of community engagement and feedback from key stakeholders, and an approximate schedule for its completion.  You can find the introductory presentation here:

What is a Comprehensive Plan?


The first collaborative exercise that participants engaged in was the evaluation and re-formulation of a vision statement which describes the future of Salem.  Attendees were divided into groups, and worked together to provide valuable feedback that translated into the following vision statement:

"Salem is a beautiful and proud city. Our people are our greatest assets, and our “small-town” feel defines our character. Our commitment to exploring economic opportunities, nature and the outdoors, diverse neighborhoods, community services, sports, and best in class schools foster a pride of place and a unique quality of life that is shared by all our citizens. As we encounter change, we will respond wisely, learning from our history and embracing the future with a fresh mindset and a commitment to excellence."


Does that vision statement resonate with you?  How would you change it?  Let us know!  

Contact Max Dillon -



Glenn also introduced the concept of a corridor study with those who were in attendance.  Essentially, a corridor study is an assessment of a road's existing conditions 

(West Main Street, 4th Street, Apperson Drive, etc.), identifies challenges, and proposes recommendations to improve the safety, efficiency, and functionality of the corridor.  For more information, you can access the corridor study presentation here:

What is a Corridor Study?


Following that presentation, audience members actively participated in a live polling session focused on identifying challenges and opportunities for improvements to West Main Street and Apperson Drive.


This activity allowed folks to share their opinion anonymously - check out some of the results below!

West Main word cloud

West Main future development responses

Feedback like this from our community will help shape the Comprehensive Plan, and as a result, the future of Salem!

Community Workshop #2 - February 5 - 6:00pm - East Salem Elementary School

Join us for our second Community Workshop which will entail a discussion of greenways, parks and open space, and planning/design activities!  We hope that you will join us to make your voice heard!

Comp Plan Workshop 2 Flyer UPDATE